Community Ethics

We value our culture and have immense respect for it. Nothing gives us reason to disrespect our culture, traditions and our natural resources for economic gains. Our love and respect towards our mother earth shall remain eternal the way it has remained for centuries.


We respect our elders, we know their importance and we value their blessings. We shall always give prime importance to serving our elders in better and better ways since we believe that it’s the blessings of our elders and ancestors that has brought us to where we have advanced and it will keep us motivated to move ahead and prosper.


We count on our youth to drive community’s future economy and feel responsible towards them as they are going to be the future strategists, leaders and innovators of our community. They shall be the ones who will bring prosperity to Keeseekoowenin. We continuously take efforts to inspire our youth by giving them ideal teachings in order to make them good human beings. We motivate them with the teachings of respect towards humanity and nature.


We feel gratitude towards our social system for what we have achieved and feel deeply obliged towards society. We realize that in order to be happy we should learn to make happy. We shall strive to bring up every underprivileged person of community, and even outside it, to the level of earning his/her self-respect and livelihood by sharing what we have with them. To achieve and maintain healthy social atmosphere, we feel responsible to take every possible step in that direction and we shall do it. We shall offer food to the hungry, shelter to the homeless, medication to the ill and education to the untaught.